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Jolgar      Empty Jolgar

Post by Jolgar 24/11/12, 11:20 pm

Name: Jolgar
Race: Nord

Right Hand: Ebony Sword
Left Hand: Steel Shield
Additional Gear: Iron Battleaxe, Hunting Bow, and arrows.
Clothing/Armor description: Studded Armor and an Iron Helmet.

Bio: He was born near Whiterun in Skyrim. He was raised by an honest Nord family. When he grew to adulthood, he moved out on his own. He got mixed up in the Civil War one day and later discovered he was Dragonborn. He eventually finished his quest to kill Alduin and saved Skyrim. He was offered to become a Companion and be a Werewolf but he rejected after a group of Werewolves killed his mother and father. However, he fought against the Vigilants of Stendarr to defend a small village of Werewolves and Vampires. He received his Ebony Sword as a reward. Now all he does is adventure around and is willing to help anyone who asks. He has good relations with the people in Skyrim and has a small house in Whiterun. He mostly takes on the role of a warrior type of adventurer and scorns magic and petty thievery.

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Jolgar      Empty Re: Jolgar

Post by Kaij 25/11/12, 12:37 am

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