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Kaijha'sadra Empty Kaijha'sadra

Post by Kaij on 28/11/09, 02:20 am

Name: Kaijha'sadra
Race: Khajiit

Right Hand: Steel Sabre
Left Hand: Ebony Wakizashi
Additional Gear: Steel crossbow and bolts
Clothing/Armor description: Thieve's Guild armor under a hooded brown cloak.

Bio: A Kajiit murderer who is on the lam from both he law and his former compatriots in the Thieve's Guild. He leads a small group of bandits who attack and ambush travellers and merchants, often leaving them alive or ransoming them. Their preferred method is to trick their prey in a position from which they can't escape, then surround them and eventually capture them. If the target resists, they'll hit them with long-range weaponry and retreat. He hails originally from High Rock and was raised by his mother. Although she told him to get an honest job and stay straight, he fell in with the thieves and cut-throats in his home town and left as soon as he was able to steal enough to get on a wagon going anywhere else. He moves around a lot to avoid capture and sticks close to larger cities because of the easy pickings.
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