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Role-play Rules Empty Role-play Rules

Post by Kaij on 01/09/11, 07:01 am

The rules:
1. No god-modding. God modding is making your character totally immune to everything, saying you can kill people in one hit, and basically trying to be Uber.
2. No Overlording. Overlording is controlling other PCs, demanding that things go your way and/or controlling posts.
3. No killing off other people's characters without permission from the owner. You may think this is weak, but losing your character to an Overlorder is even more weak.
4. Leave your hate at the door. No "I hate you's" or "You Suck" comments. Unless they really, really, deserve it. Saying these things in character is fine, obviously.
5. Enjoy yourself. Tell others about this place. Spread the love!
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