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The Five Tamriel Heroes

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The Five Tamriel Heroes Empty The Five Tamriel Heroes

Post by Kaij 01/09/11, 02:17 am

You may choose to have your character be one of the five heroes of Tamriel being The Eternal Champion, The Agent, Nerevar and The Champion of Cyrodiil, or the Dragonborn. As long as the slot remains open you can contact me via PM to be one.

The Eternal Champion - The one who saved Uriel Septim from Oblivion and defeated Jagar Tharn. (Open)
The Agent - The one who put King Lysanders' soul to rest. (Silver-Tongue)
Nerevar - The one who defeated Dagoth Ur and brough peace to Morrowind. (In Akavir)
The Champion of Cyrodiil - The one who defeated the Mythic Dawn and Mehrunes Dagon. (Open)
The Dragonborn - THe hero who reunited Skyrim and destroyed Alduin. (Jolgar)
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