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Post by Kaij on 06/04/11, 10:18 am

First, register with the site. Then create a character according to the character skeleton under
Role-Playing :: Character Creation :: Profile Submission

Can I be a vampire or a werewolf?
Yes. Include it in your biography, and you can be whatever you want. Within limits.

Can I be the Nerevarine?
To answer simply, he's in Akavir. I was the Nerevarine at one point, but gave it up. If you want to, just give a valid reason for returning in your bio.

Can I be one of the Tamriel heroes?
Yes, just PM me so we can talk it over. For full details on how to be one of these heroes, see the Five Tamriel Heroes forum in the story section.

I have a question. Can I put it here?
Sure. But you'd get a response faster if you message me personally. When people reply to my threads, I don't get an e-mail response. So PM me. If you have a question that you believe others can answer or want to post it openly, there's always the Q and A thread under general stuff on the main board.

What if I want help from others?
Check out the General Discussion page. You can find help of that nature there. And remember the Q and A board.
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