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The story so far... Empty The story so far...

Post by Kaij on 29/11/09, 06:17 am

Late in the fourth Era of Tamriel, chaos reigns. The Empire is in disarray after their crushing defeat by the Thalmor, who impose a strict treaty removing Talos from the Parthenon of the Nine and causing great chaos in Skyrim. The Empire fights the Stormcloak Army to determine who gains control of the country even as a greater evil shadows the land. Dragons continue to terrorize the land. The dead wander restlessly in their tombs, awoken by some sort of mystic power. Bandits and animals attack and pilliage small towns and caravans. And from a tear in Oblivion, Jagar Tharn, the Imperial Usurper, returns to wreak his vengeance and reclaim the Empire after a 229 year absence. These are dark times, indeed. Are there any who can stop this madness and restore peace to Tamriel?
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